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Support / Downloads

System Requirments

In order to participate in any DLMS auction or event you must either use a modern version of the browser Chrome/Firefox or have Adobe Flash installed in your browser.

Why Chrome? Chrome used the implements the technology WebRTC, which allows the lowest latency video possible most reliably. Firefox also uses this technology. Other browsers will require Adobe Flash.

If you do not have a green check mark on the right of the browser or Adobe Flash row below please click on the related download link below.


Adobe Flash



This effects the time to communicate with the server. The bigger the number, the longer the server will take to recieve you bids.

Download Speed:


This effects how well the video will run. The bigger the number, the more able you will be able to stream video.

Click here for a more thorough speed test.

Download Links

Computer Browsers

Mobile Browsers

Stuck on 'Initializing'

If Internet Explorer is stuck on the 'Initializing' spinner, it is set to compatibility mode and needs to be changed. Follow the instructions below to reset your browser mode or view DLMS using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

Resetting Internet Explorer browser mode

  1. Navigate to the sale you are trying to view. When you see the 'Initializing' spinner as shown above.

  2. Press the 'F12' button on your keyboard. The following window should open near the bottom of your screen:
    *If you are using a laptop you may need to hold the 'fn' key as well (lower left of the keyboard).

  3. Click on the 'Browser Mode' button and select the highest version of Internet Explorer without the words 'Compatibility View':

    Note: If you are using Internet Explorer 9 the window will look the same with 'Internet Explorer 9' in place of 'Internet Explorer 10'.

  4. The website should refresh and load properly. Press F12 to close the window and continue viewing the sale.

For further suppoer, techinal support can be reached at 1-780-732-4384

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