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Thursday, May 17, 2018 -- 12:00 pm MST


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Seq#Lot#Pen#HeadSexBreedAvg. Wt.Total Wt.Consignor 
11306T2STRSTAN 7151430TAN View
22302Z2STRSTAN 9181837TAN View
33403C2STRSCHAR 5271054CHAR View
44803 2STRSSILV 6151230SILV View
55105 3STRSSIMM 5541661SIMM View
66107 2STRSSIMM 6661332SIMM View
77205 9STRSSIMM 8137315SIMM View
88312 7STRSSIMM 9176418SIMM View
99313 10STRSSIMM 9719707SIMM View
1010308 1STRSBIG 10541054MIXE View
1111204P1STRSPW 329329PEE View
1212401Z1STRSEXX 360360EXOT View
1313111B1STRSBLK 460460BLAC View
1414902B3STRSBLK 6081824BLAC View
1515204B1STRSBLK 764764BLAC View
1616213S2STRSSMOK 6821365SMOK View
1717407A2STRSANG 423846R & View
1818406A1STRSANG 497497RED View
1919212A3STRSANG 5781734RED View
2020211A1STRSANG 608608RED View
2121803X3STRSBRIT 6571970BRIT View
2222819K1STRSXBRD 521521MIXE View
2323822K1STRSXBRD 730730MIXE View
2424826L1STRSLATE 530530COAR View
2525813M3STRSBB 4601380BULL View
2626811M5STRSBB 5192594BULL View
2727815M4STRSBB 6122446BULL View
2828816M3STRSBB 6902069BULL View
2929818M1STRSBB 862862BULL View
3030819M2STRSBB 9191838BULL View
3131610T2HFRSTAN 5401079TAN View
3232612T2HFRSTAN 6501300TAN View
3333503X6HFRSSILV 6433856SILV View
3434511C2HFRSCHAR 5531106CHAR View
3535514C5HFRSCHAR 7283641CHAR View
3636609Z1HFRSBIG 10591059MIXE View
3737506 3HFRSSIMM 4921475SIMM View
3838505 3HFRSSIMM 5481643SIMM View
3939504 10HFRSSIMM 6026016SIMM View
4040502 6HFRSSIMM 7004200SIMM View
4141501 5HFRSSIMM 7913957SIMM View
4242507Z7HFRSSIMM 8876210SIMM View
4343620 3HFRSSIMM 8512554SIMM View
4444605B1HFRSBLK 470470BLAC View
4545604B7HFRSBLK 5553887BLAC View
4646602B10HFRSBLK 6576573BLAC View
4747601B6HFRSBLK 7264356BLAC View
4848606 5HFRSBLK 7803899BLAC View
4949607B4HFRSANG 8323328BLK/ View
5050412S3HFRSSMOK 5911772SMOK View
5151413S5HFRSSMOK 6743370SMOK View
5252414S1HFRSSMOK 744744SMOK View
5353411P1HFRSPW 311311PEE View
5454311A4HFRSANG 4121646RED View
5555414A2HFRSANG 5101020RED View
5656409A5HFRSANG 6013004RED View
5757410A7HFRSANG 6554582RED View
5858309A2HFRSANG 7071414RED View
5959412A6HFRSANG 7624574RED View
6060517X1HFRSBRIT 465465BRIT View
6161520X1HFRSBRIT 730730BRIT View
6262413N4HFRSBRIT 9303718MIXE View
6363616K2HFRSXBRD 488975MIXE View
6464617K2HFRSXBRD 5901180MIXE View
6565618K2HFRSXBRD 6401280MIXE View
6666619K1HFRSXBRD 714714MIXE View
 Total Head: 217      
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