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1st Annual Allandale Angus & Golden Sunset Ranch Bull Sale 2018

Thursday, March 15, 2018 -- 02:00 PM MST


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1TestTest Your Bidding1TestTestOnline View
224DALLANDALE TITLEIST 24D1BullAllandale AngusVermilion AB View
326DALLANDALE TOMBSTONE 050 26D1BullAllandale AngusVermilion AB View
419DALLANDALE S TITLEST 11451BullAllandale AngusVermilion AB View
537DALLANDALE RITO 37D1BullAllandale AngusVermilion AB View
652DALLANDALE AAR TEN X 7008 SA 52D1BullAllandale AngusVermilion AB View
718EALLANDALE CHARLO 18E1BullAllandale AngusVermilion AB View
843EALLANDALE CHARLO 43E1BullAllandale AngusVermilion AB View
95EALLANDALE BULLION 5E1BullAllandale AngusVermilion AB View
1026EALLANDALE TOUR OF DUTY 26E1BullAllandale AngusVermilion AB View
1135EALLANDALE INTERNATIONAL 35E1BullAllandale AngusVermilion AB View
1257EALLANDALE INTERNATIONAL 57E1BullAllandale AngusVermilion AB View
1324ERED GOLDEN SUNSET SUPREME 24E1BullGolden Sunset RanchVermilion AB View
147ERED GOLDEN SUNSET JOHNNY H 7E1BullGolden Sunset RanchVermilion AB View
156ERED GOLDEN SUNSET SIGNATURE 6E1BullGolden Sunset RanchVermilion AB View
164ERED GOLDEN SUNSET SIGNIFIED 4E1BullGolden Sunset RanchVermilion AB View
1737ERED GOLDEN SUNSET SQ 37E1BullGolden Sunset RanchVermilion AB View
1875ERED GOLDEN SUNSET STOUT 75E1BullGolden Sunset RanchVermilion AB View
1919ERED GOLDEN SUNSET SEQUOIA 19E1BullGolden Sunset RanchVermilion AB View
205ERED GOLDEN SUNSET EXCLUSIVE 5E1BullGolden Sunset RanchVermilion AB View
213ERED GOLDEN SUNSET SNIPER 3E1BullGolden Sunset RanchVermilion AB View
2262ERED GOLDEN SUNSET WALL ST 62E1BullGolden Sunset RanchVermilion AB View
2353ERED GOLDEN SUNSET SNIPER 53E1BullGolden Sunset RanchVermilion AB View
2416ERED GOLDEN SUNSET MNP 16E1BullGolden Sunset RanchVermilion AB View
2577ERED GOLDEN SUNSET SQ 77E1BullGolden Sunset RanchVermilion AB View
2650ERED GOLDEN SUNSET SQ 50E1BullGolden Sunset RanchVermilion AB View
2738ERED GOLDEN SUNSET AMPED 38E1BullGolden Sunset RanchVermilion AB View
2888DALLANDALE PACESETTER 88D1BullAllandale AngusVermilion AB View
2968DALLANDALE PACESETTER 68D1BullAllandale AngusVermilion AB View
3077DALLANDALE SSAV 9969 RITO 2242 77D1BullAllandale AngusVermilion AB View
3153DALLANDALE AAR TEN X 7008 SA 53D1BullAllandale AngusVermilion AB View
3296DALLANDALE SAVE 9969 RITO 2242 96D1BullAllandale AngusVermilion AB View
3351EALLANDALE INTERNATIONAL 51E1BullAllandale AngusVermilion AB View
3460EALLANDALE BULLION 60E1BullAllandale AngusVermilion AB View
3523EALLANDALE EARNAN 23E1BullAllandale AngusVermilion AB View
3653EALLANDALE INTERNATIONAL 53E1BullAllandale AngusVermilion AB View
3746EALLANDALE BULLION 46E1BullAllandale AngusVermilion AB View
381EALLANDALE BULLION 1E1BullAllandale AngusVermilion AB View
393EALLANDALE BULLION 3E1BullAllandale AngusVermilion AB View
4021EALLANDALE INTERNATIONAL 21E1BullAllandale AngusVermilion AB View
4125EALLANDALE BULLION 25E1BullAllandale AngusVermilion AB View
4250EALLANDALE EARNAN 50E1BullAllandale AngusVermilion AB View
4314ERED GOLDEN SUNSET SNIPER 14E1BullGolden Sunset RanchVermilion AB View
4417ERED GOLDEN SUNSET SNIPER 17E1BullGolden Sunset RanchVermilion AB View
4547ERED GOLDEN SUNSET SQ 47E1BullGolden Sunset RanchVermilion AB View
4643ERED GOLDEN SUNSET CRACKEN 43E1BullGolden Sunset RanchVermilion AB View
4745ERED GOLDEN SUNSET APOLLO 45E1BullGolden Sunset RanchVermilion AB View
4873ERED GOLDEN SUNSET SQ 73E1BullGolden Sunset RanchVermilion AB View
4972ERED GOLDEN SUNSET SQ 72E1BullGolden Sunset RanchVermilion AB View
5023ERED GOLDEN SUNSET MONOPOLY 23E1BullGolden Sunset RanchVermilion AB View
5149ERED GOLDEN SUNSET SQ 49E1BullGolden Sunset RanchVermilion AB View
5239ERED GOLDEN SUNSET CRACKEN 39E1BullGolden Sunset RanchVermilion AB View
5351ERED GOLDEN SUNSET SQ 51E1BullGolden Sunset RanchVermilion AB View
5413ERED GOLDEN SUNSET CRANK 13E1BullGolden Sunset RanchVermilion AB View
5558EALLANDALE BULLION 58E1BullAllandale AngusVermilion AB View
5696EALLANDALE BULLION 96E1BullAllandale AngusVermilion AB View
5762EALLANDALE BULLION 62E1BullAllandale AngusVermilion AB View
5829EALLANDALE INTERNATIONAL 29E1BullAllandale AngusVermilion AB View
5933EALLANDALE TITLEIST 33E1BullAllandale AngusVermilion AB View
6074EALLANDALE BULLION 74E1BullAllandale AngusVermilion AB View
6155EALLANDALE TOUR OF DUTY 55E1BullAllandale AngusVermilion AB View
6278EALLANDALE TOUR OF DUTY 78E1BullAllandale AngusVermilion AB View
63OUT - 41DOUT OF SALE - ALLANDALE AAR TEN X 7008 SA 41D1BullAllandale AngusVermilion AB View
64OUT - 58DOUT OF SALE - ALLANDALE SAV 9969 RITO 2242 58D1BullAllandale AngusVermilion AB View
65OUT - 67DOUT OF SALE - ALLANDALE GDAR GAME DAY 4491BullAllandale AngusVermilion AB View
66OUT - 12EOUT OF SALE - RED GOLDEN SUNSET SNIPER 12E1BullGolden Sunset RanchVermilion AB View
67OUT - 48EOUT OF SALE - RED GOLDEN SUNSET ANTHEM 48E1BullGolden Sunset RanchVermilion AB View
68GRGate Run 1GRGate RunOnline View
69GRGate Run 1GRGate RunOnline View
70GRGate Run 1GRGate RunOnline View
71ThanksThanks for Watching & Bidding1ThanksThanksOnline View
Total Head: 71     
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