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NLS Lloydminster Pre Sort Sale - December 7, 2017

Thursday, December 7, 2017 -- 12:30 PM MST


This is a live broadcast of a pre-sort sale out of NLS Lloydminster, SK. For more information call Jeannie at (780) 554-4939

NLS Lloydminster Website
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Seq#Lot#Pen#HeadSexBreedAvg. Wt.Total Wt.Consignor 
11302T2STRSTAN 468935TAN View
22303T4STRSTAN 5282110TAN View
33304T3STRSTAN 5841752TAN View
44305T8STRSTAN 6315046TAN View
55306T12STRSTAN 6928304TAN View
66307T4STRSTAN 7763105TAN View
77402C2STRSCHAR 491982CHAR View
88405C8STRSCHAR 6244988CHAR View
99407C3STRSCHAR 7072122CHAR View
1010201Z2STRSEXX 386771MIXED EXOTIC View
1111202 5STRSSIMM 4582292SIMMENTAL View
1212203 14STRSSIMM 5467643SIMMENTAL View
1313105H35STRSSIMM 55719495HATCHARD View
1414105 13STRSSIMM 5777499SIMMENTAL View
1515106 31STRSSIMM 63219605SIMMENTAL View
1616106H95STRSSIMM 64661325HATCHARD View
1717107 16STRSSIMM 70211238SIMMENTAL View
1818108 11STRSSIMM 7488223SIMMENTAL View
1919205 8STRSSIMM 8386705SIMMENTAL View
2020312 9STRSSIMM 9178250SIMMENTAL View
2121209S6STRSSMAL 2841706SMALL View
2222204P7STRSPW 3402383PEE WEE View
2323111B46STRSBLK 47021635BLACK View
2424901C14STRSBLK 5247331CORMACK View
2525901B24STRSBLK 53212756BLACK View
2626111K65STRSBLK 54535410KERR BROS View
2727902B80STRSBLK 57646069BLACK View
2828902R50STRSBLK 59429715ROADHOUSE View
2929103C65STRSBLK 62340464CORMACK View
3030103B18STRSBLK 62911324BLACK View
3131103 40STRSBLK 65826334CADRAIN View
3232204B17STRSBLK 72112265BLACK View
3333208 6STRSANG 8254950BLACK/RED View
3434208L24STRSANG 84120174LARSON View
3535111N2STRSANG 8751750BLK/RED/SMOKE View
3636210Y19STRSBLKX 56810794BLACK EXOTIC View
3737211Y17STRSBLKX 64310925BLACK EXOTIC View
3838109Y13STRSBLKX 7089199BLACK EXOTIC View
3939802 8STRSSILV 6184940SILVER View
4040210S2STRSSMOK 5161031SMOKE View
4141407A21STRSANG 4178749R & B ANGUS View
4242402A13STRSANG 4966450RED ANGUS View
4343212A11STRSANG 5796372RED ANGUS View
4444211A21STRSANG 63113254RED ANGUS View
4545210A7STRSANG 7054934RED ANGUS View
4646801X2STRSBRIT 5501099BRITISH View
4747803X7STRSBRIT 6534574BRITISH View
4848804X1STRSBRIT 733733BRITISH View
4949308 1STRSSPEC 365365SPECKLE PARK View
5151207D2STRSSPEC 6661331SPECKLE PARK View
5252819K6STRSXBRD 5623372MIXED / HORNS View
5353822K7STRSXBRD 7715397MIXED / HORNS View
5555812M9STRSEXX 4564102EXOTIC BULLS View
5656813M8STRSBB 4553640BULLS View
5757811M8STRSBB 5304237BULLS View
5858815M17STRSBB 61910521BULLS View
5959816M7STRSBB 6714694BULLS View
6060818M6STRSBB 7844705BULLS View
6161819M10STRSBB 9599591BULLS View
6262502B1STRSBELL 536536BELLY NUTS View
6363501B4STRSBELL 7773108BELLY NUTS View
6464825E6STRSEAST 6734040S E & T View
6565401Y3STRSXBRD 8812642YEARLINGS View
6666402Y8STRSXBRD 9677734YEARLINGS View
6767817Y6STRSBB 8365016YEARLING BULLS View
6868609T8HFRSTAN 4733784TAN View
6969610T10HFRSTAN 5395392TAN View
7070611T10HFRSTAN 5955949TAN View
7171612T5HFRSTAN 6483238TAN View
7272613T4HFRSTAN 7212884TAN View
7373615T3HFRSTAN 8422525TAN View
7474510C7HFRSCHAR 5493843CHAR View
7676507X4HFRSEXX 4141656MIXED EXOTIC View
7777506 11HFRSSIMM 4765234SIMMENTAL View
7878505 12HFRSSIMM 5286333SIMMENTAL View
7979504 42HFRSSIMM 58124409SIMMENTAL View
8080609F19HFRSSIMX 62411854SIMMENTAL X View
8181503 54HFRSSIMM 64334733SIMMENTAL View
8282502 11HFRSSIMM 7007703SIMMENTAL View
8383501 9HFRSSIMM 7797014SIMMENTAL View
8484605B19HFRSBLK 4759033BLACK View
8585605K44HFRSBLK 47620952KERR BROS View
8686604B44HFRSBLK 53323445BLACK View
8787603B36HFRSBLK 59221303BLACK View
8989602B4HFRSBLK 6382551BLACK View
9090601B7HFRSBLK 7104968BLACK View
9191514Y5HFRSBLKX 5532765BLACK EXOTIC View
9292513Y11HFRSBLKX 6146759BLACK EXOTIC View
9393501X4HFRSSILV 5552221SILVER View
9494410S5HFRSSMOK 4352173SMOKE View
9595414S4HFRSSMOK 6792717SMOKE View
9696606S5HFRSSMAL 2881440SMALL View
9797411P7HFRSPW 3502448PEE WEE View
9898311A43HFRSANG 41317757RED ANGUS View
9999415A19HFRSANG 4728973RED ANGUS View
100100414A10HFRSANG 5245243RED ANGUS View
101101409A6HFRSANG 6103659RED ANGUS View
102102516D4HFRSSPEC 4301718SPECKLE PARK View
103103518D3HFRSSPEC 5731719SPECKLE PARK View
104104516X1HFRSBRIT 393393BRITISH View
105105518X5HFRSBRIT 5112556BRITISH View
106106519X12HFRSBRIT 5937113BRITISH View
107107520X3HFRSBRIT 7342202BRITISH View
108108810X1HFRSBRIT 845845BRITISH View
109109616K3HFRSXBRD 5111532MIXED / HORNS View
110110618K14HFRSXBRD 6128574MIXED / HORNS View
111111619K5HFRSXBRD 7183591MIXED / HORNS View
112112620E1HFRSEAST 414414S E & T View
113113619E1HFRSEAST 515515S E & T View
114114509X25HFRSXBRD 76519119YEARLINGS View
115115512Y20HFRSXBRD 85317067YEARLINGS View
116116608Y14HFRSANGX 93713120PRIEST YEARLINGS View
117117511Y21HFRSXBRD 100321056YEARLINGS View
118118609Y12HFRSEXOT 108212989PRIEST YEARLINGS View
119119510X11HFRSXBRD 116212786YEARLINGS View
120120TEYE1HFRSTAG 584584NO FIT View
121121T34 1STRSTAG 645645NO FIT View
122122T3431HFRSTAG 443443NO FIT View
 Total Head: 1662      
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