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FarmFair International - Bloodstock and Ranch Horse Sale

Friday, November 10, 2017 -- 04:30 PM MST


Preview will be broadcast at 9:30 and then the sale will go at 4:30 PM

Bloodstock Sale Listing Ranch Horse Sale Listing Missed the Preview - Check out the Videos Now CLICK HERE VIDEO LINK PDF Sale Catalgoue
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1TestTest Your Bidding1TestTestOnline View
21RBAR FRITZ GOLD1GeldingAmanda Barron?Edmonton AB View
32CFS TWO EYED CASH1FillyAlan Mytz?Edmonton AB View
43WT PEPPYS BLU APACHE1GeldingDoug & Joan DeRudder?Edmonton AB View
54MY CHAMPAGNE SECRET1MareKerry Johnston?Edmonton AB View
65TIGERS DESPERADO1GeldingBob Hawkins?Edmonton AB View
7OUT 6-OUT OF SALE- NO DOUGHTY BOUT IT1GeldingKody PottsEdmonton AB View
87ESR PEPINICS COLE1MareBrian WilsonEdmonton AB View
98BAR F DATE A CUNUCK1MareKen Fisher?Edmonton AB View
109WT THUNDER BADGES1GeldingDoug & Joan DeRudderEdmonton AB View
1110HESA SMOKIN GUNNER1GeldingJeff & Sandy ReschEdmonton AB View
1211CHRISTIAN GREY1GeldingDiamond N RanchEdmonton AB View
1312HES WRIGHT SMART1GeldingDraggin S HorsesEdmonton AB View
1413BAR F CUNUCK SAN MAN1GeldingKen FisherEdmonton AB View
1514LAST CALL FOR NORMAN1GeldingAmanda BarronEdmonton AB View
1615BAILEYS BLUE BIRD1MareMike & Corey DavisEdmonton AB View
1716PERKS CHICKA BOOM1GeldingDiamond N RanchEdmonton AB View
1817ESR PEPINICS JINGLES1StudBrian WilsonEdmonton AB View
1918A ROANS PRINCESS1MareScott DuffEdmonton AB View
2019CHICA SAN SOULA1GeldingMary Reti?Edmonton AB View
2120HIGH COUNTRY DELUXE1MareKerry JohnstonEdmonton AB View
2221DRIFTER1GeldingBush Cow RanchEdmonton AB View
2322JAZZ TIPPY COMMAND1GeldingDarryl TruemanEdmonton AB View
2423FANCY1MareKevin MarcinekEdmonton AB View
2524NIKE1GeldingKody PottsEdmonton AB View
2625AR IMA GILAMOUR GIRL1MareBrian WilsonEdmonton AB View
2726DOCS LITTLE BARNEY1GeldingMarvin JacksonEdmonton AB View
2827VERY EDUCATED RITA1MareJim Gunsch?Edmonton AB View
2928NEWT1GeldingMJEdmonton AB View
3029MR P1GeldingKody PottsEdmonton AB View
3130LOCKER1GeldingJoe TymchukEdmonton AB View
3231ZIPS SMOKIN BLU CHIP1GeldingAlan MytzEdmonton AB View
3332GOLDEN MOON DROP1GeldingJosh VassEdmonton AB View
3433ROYAL BLONDYS KING1GeldingLonnie RothEdmonton AB View
3534KQH PATCHS MONEY1GeldingHilltop RanchEdmonton AB View
36GRUpdated Lot - Watch chat window1GRGate RunEdmonton AB View
37GRUpdated Lot - Watch chat window1GRGate RunEdmonton AB View
38GRUpdated Lot - Watch chat window1GRGate RunEdmonton AB View
39ThanksThank You For Attending1ThanksThank YouEdmonton AB View
Total Head: 39     
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