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DLMS Direct Sale - September 21, 2017

Thursday, September 21, 2017 -- 10:00 AM MST


This is a live audio broadcast of the weekly DLMS Direct Sale. For more information please contact Jeannie at (780)554-4939.

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Seq#Lot#HeadSexAvg. Wt.ConsignorLocation 
11062Strs.975Bert LevandoskiEden, MB. View
220120Strs.975Higgins Ranching Ltd. **Oct Delivery**Edam, SK. View
33762Strs.975Blair McNab **Oct Delivery**Turtleford, SK. View
414110Strs.950Bignell Cattle Co.Youngstown, AB. View
524550Strs.920NR FarmsCanwood, SK. View
64070Strs.900Five L FarmsMaidstone, SK. View
7168Strs.890Burton LivestockKrydor, SK. View
816130Strs.760Robinson FarmsInnisfail, AB. View
96140Hfrs.890Bruce & Val Parker **Oct Delivery**Marwayne, AB. View
1017130Hfrs.890Bignell Cattle Co.Youngstown, AB. View
1128126Hfrs.691Cairns Feedyard Customer **Pay Weight**Madden, AB. View
1225125Str Calves925Valley Hog Farms(Barry& Les Thompson) **Oct Delivery**Dewberry, AB. View
1318145Str Calves860MJM Enterprises- Murray Martin **Oct Delivery**Vermilion, AB. View
142395Str Calves675Bar Crossroads Farm(Steve Harty/Denise Boggust)**Nov DeliverEdam, SK. View
153575Str Calves675Leo & Claire Cadarin **Nov Delivery**Glaslyn, SK. View
167170Str Calves670Battrum Cattle Co. **Oct Delivery**Sibbald, AB. View
171995Str Calves650Double KC Ranch- Kelly Larre **Nov Delivery**St. Walburg, SK. View
182295Str Calves650Double KC Ranch- Kelly Larre **Nov Delivery**St. Walburg, SK. View
1921115Str Calves500Double KC Ranch- Kelly Larre **Nov Delivery**St. Walburg, SK. View
202695Str Calves650Darrel & Chance Jurke **Oct Delivery**Maidstone, SK. View
2127100Hfr Calves625Darrel & Chance Jurke **Oct Delivery**Maidstone, SK. View
223260Str Calves625Wade & Sylvia Manning **Oct Delivery**Metiskow, AB. View
233440Hfr Calves575Wade & Sylvia Manning **Oct Delivery**Metiskow, AB. View
242185Str Calves620Anchor P Ranch **Nov Delivery**Amisk, AB. View
25490Str Calves600Greenleaf Colony **Oct Delivery**Leask, SK View
2611100Str Calves600Kevin & Ty Wilson **Nov Delivery**Cereal, AB. View
2736100Str Calves600McQueen Ranches **Oct Delivery**Tessier, SK. View
2838115Str Calves485McQueen Ranches **Oct Delivery**Tessier, SK. View
2939105Hfr Calves575McQueen Ranches **Oct Delivery**Tessier, SK. View
3042120Hfr Calves460McQueen Ranches **Oct Delivery**Tessier, SK View
3143125Str Calves425McQueen RanchesMelfort, SK View
3244125Hfr Calves400McQueen RanchesMelfort, SK View
331295Str Calves580Wilfley Holdings **Oct Delivery**Maple Creek, SK. View
341395Hfr Calves530Wilfley Holdings **Oct Delivery**Maple Creek, SK. View
3541105Hfr Calves540Hale Ranches **Oct Delivery**Bassano, AB. View
368110Str Calves575Jenner Colony **Nov Delivery**Jenner, AB. View
379110Hfr Calves540Jenner Colony **Nov Delivery**Jenner, AB. View
383110Str Calves560Winding River Colony **Oct Delivery**Birch Hill, SK. View
395190Str Calves560Minburn Colony **Oct Delivery**Minburn, AB. View
Total Head: 4658     
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